Monday, September 28, 2009

too many thoughts

so I started a blog entry this morning at work, but it's too hard to type when I'm scanning books because it doesn't take very long for the scanner to work.

My classes so far are going well. I guess. If you think that a low C- on the first A&P test is doing well. The first lab practical was today as well. Probably got a C- on that too. I like the class, but I'm not particular to the little details that are the basis of the human body. It sucks. and my Microbiology class is covering the same things in bacterial cells - which causes me to tune out in both classes. (that and there are so many other things going through my head) Other than covering the same things, lab is SO much more interesting in Micro because it's a lot more hands on, rather than just answering questions from a lab book in A&P. My nutrition for health sciences is also basically covering the A&P and Micro chapter 2's in a slower setting. I'm going crazy trying to pay attention to the same thing three times. I really, really like my Social Problems teacher. She brings things to life and the class itself is super interesting. I never realized how many things were considered to be social problems and where they come from. The first test is tomorrow and I have about half of the notes that I want to take into that with me. My sociology of childhood course is a little more frustrating. The teacher is hard to pay attention to, even though the subject is interesting. She says "uhhh or umm" about every other word. She also has a weird way of asking questions and it's frustrating when you answer, but it's not the one she's looking for and she says something derogatory about it. There is a test for that class on Thursday and I'm really not sure what is going to be on it.

My parents left Alaska today. I'm not sure when they'll be back and that's devastating to me. Their house had a showing today. Hopefully the lookers liked what they saw and buy it. That would make me happy. Hopefully they find a house sooner, rather than later in Aztec, New Mexico. Hopefully their drive is good and they don't have any problems with customs. Hopefully they don't kill each other on the way down. Hopefully their marriage does better in different circumstances. Maybe my dad'll find the perfect truck down there. Hopefully everything is better for them. I suppose I'd like to see New Mexico - since one of my personal goals is to visit every state in the country. I'm considering spending the summer down in NM and working/traveling.
APO has been a frustrating endeavor this year. Starvation Gulch went well on the fire side of things. In having the "egg" aka the Tradition Stone, it was frustrating because brothers only kept it visible for about 10 minutes and it's supposed to be there the entire night. Many people were upset because they didn't get to see the stone. Our fire was supposed to be the stone and it was somewhat bragging. On other aspects, no one wants to do anything. No one wants to volunteer to be the VP of Service. No one wants to fundraise for anything. No one has even paid dues which as due on Thursday. Everyone is very focused on the fellowship aspect and that's not just what we are about.
I emailed my little's teacher today, just to make sure she was in class. Mrs. Bedford's response was that Maxine had been withdrawn from school. So I called Big Brothers Big Sisters and they informed me that indeed Maxine had been withdrawn from school for complicated family reasons and is now living in Minto, which is about 150 miles away. This was devastating to me because I do consider her to be like a little sister to me. Hopefully she is doing better in Minto and everything will work itself out. BBBS is working on getting me some contact information so that I can call or email or write to Maxine.
Britton has been talking about moving and it's gotten me thinking about going somewhere else. But I don't want to. There are too many people everywhere else. No other stay pays its residents. There are high state sales taxes in addition to city sales taxes everywhere else. I'm perfectly happy here in Alaska. But, I have considered going somewhere else on an exchange. Just a semester, maybe a year. I'm not sure where and I'll have to make sure that all of my credits transfer back and forth.
I still want to get into a nursing program, but I'm not sure what the best way to go about it is. I've applied and am waiting for response to an associate's degree program here in Fairbanks, but I've heard from so many people that it isn't the best way to go. Bachelor programs or the military is the smarter choice. It's easier to advance that way.