Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today is the day I....


I'm super excited for this.. I'll know in September (I think that's what she said). Hopefully this will work out and I'll start in the spring semester. I'll be a part time student at UAA and UAF! So, I'll still be able to do pep band and APO at UAF! Those two things are most important extras in my life. Of course my most favorite and completely #1 is Britton! He is awesome. Anyway, time to get changed into daytime clothes, adventure in the rain and turn in my application!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

my parents want to move.

Back in November, my mom left her job at the bank (which she hated) and started working at a correctional facility (which she really likes). Only problem with the situation is that my dad isn't so into the situation. While we were on vacation in Texas in December, my mom said that she would like to be closer to the city. And my dad asked if they moved, would she willingly quit her job and she said yes. My dad has been working on getting a new job, and was recently almost given a position... Only problem being - HR put in a hiring freeze before the manager could put in the paperwork. (Thankfully for me...) I really don't want to see my parents move out of state. I'd have almost no reason to drive down to Kenai anymore. This whole family splitting up thing is weird and I just want to go back ten years. Everyone was happy and we were all together. Now, my middle brother just graduated and my youngest brother only has three years left. If we're all spread out over the country, we'll never see each other and that breaks my heart into a million pieces. My dad's job is supposed to be in Casper, Wyoming. It costs $1500 to fly there from Fairbanks. I can't afford that every Christmas. I can't handle being away from my parents for ever holiday either. I want my parents to be happy, but I really really don't want to see them go. Besides, I'm losing my childhood house. I only remember just a few things about the old trailer anymore, but I remember tons of things about my big blue house.

Don't worry, be happy.

another day, another blog.

So, I know that I really, really don't like some of the people I work with, but aside from that I really, really like my job. I really think I was meant to work with guests who have never been to Alaska before. And I know they appreciate knowing that I was born and raised here in Alaska, as many tour directors aren't. Unfortunately for me, I'm not a tour director. I drive 17 miles to work and 17 miles home. I work at the El Dorado Gold Mine in Fox. And I love driving, so that isn't the bad part. It's the fact that gas is almost 3 dollars a gallon again! And the fact that there are two people at work that I really can't handle. One is an uber bitch to everyone, except a select few people. And the other just has a negative attitude towards everything. AHHHH! It's obnoxious when the two of them are together. I just want to run away, and if I can, I do! I've considered getting another job... One that's closer to my apartment (which is amazing, by the way). One that I'd hopefully enjoy a little more. Only problem with that is I feel bad for quitting mid-season. And I kind of want that dollar/hour bonus that I recieve at the end of the season. I'm still like 10 weeks out though, and I'm pretty sure both of those girls I can't stand aren't leaving anytime soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Longtime, no blog.

So, since the last time I blogged, a million and one things have happened.
I graduated high school.
Quit the best job ever to...
Moved to Fairbanks.
Started college.
Broke up with Britton.
Shaved my head.
Got several different jobs.
-Library (both circulation assistant and interlibrary loan assistant)
- Conference services. one of the worst jobs. ever.
- Cold Stone in Fairbanks. next to the worst management ever. also a horrible job.
- El Dorado Gold Mine. some of the worst co-workers ever, but not a bad job.
Got back together with Britton.
Moved off campus.
With Britton.

Anyway, right now I have a pretty darn awesome life! The weather is amazing. My apartment is wonderful! I love being able to cook my own food, in my own kitchen, with my awesome boyfriend. I love the sun and my new bike. I love that my hair is finally growing out.

So short funny story: The day I shaved my head, I texted everyone in my phone at that time for their opinions. Most everyone said I shouldn't do it, but it was on my list of things to do before I die (not that I plan on dieing anytime soon, but still). So, it was about 20 minutes before my chemistry class and my roommate convinced me that if I didn't do it right now, I'd never do it. So, we did it. And it was weird. But I was bald, went to the last 20 minutes of chemistry class because Kim texted me and said that we were having a quiz. Then... at three, I had an interview! OMG, I forgot that I had that interview that day. Oh well. Kari, my boss, didn't care and a month later (thanks HR... slowest people ever.) I started my first job in Fairbanks. Mrs. Sounart said it was because I was deprived of band, which is probably true. That was the first semester that I didn't have a scheduled band period. Anyway, now my hair is almost shoulder length and even enough to put in a ponytail without any clips.