Monday, July 27, 2009


ahh. The sounds of disneyXD cartoons and harry potter on the DS! I love watching little kids and being able to give them back when mom/and or/dad come home. The little guy I watch right now, Joe, is 5. He's so cute, but right now I just wish he was just asleep. I'm also tired after working 9.5 hours. I'm sure he really shouldn't be awake too late anyway. Oh well. I'll sit and watch some random show while sitting on the computer because it earns me $10/hour!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Quilting has totally been a passion of mine, but I can't find the time for it! This next semester is going to be crazy too, because I'm taking 17 credits, I'm the president of my fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, I have to work 20 hours to pay for utilities and such, and last but not least, I am a Student Ambassador which I will be volunteering for 3-5 hours each week. So, unfortunately, quilting may fall by the wayside! :( oh well, soon enough Christmas break will come and I can sew then too!

I can't wait to hear if I got into the nursing program. Announcements aren't made until September, but I'm getting excited. I keep telling myself that I'm not going to make it in this semester, which is fine because I probably won't. But secretly I really, really want in.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm so happy.

One of the girls that I can't stand at work, no longer works there. Now, if only the other would leave.. life would be amazing! I really like the rest of the people I work with.

I finished a quilt for Janet, Britton's grandma and sent it to her. Jerry, Britton's grandpa opened it and questioned why I sent them a quilt. :( It was supposed to be seen as a nice gesture, because they are awesome people and I wanted to do something for them.

I'm almost done with Courtney's baby girl blanket! It is soooooooooo cute! It kind of reminds me of Easter. I can't wait to start on my next one, but I'm not sure who it's for or what it's going to look like. I also think that it will be bigger than a baby blanket but not as big as a queen size blanket.

I'm trying so, very hard to be patient about my nursing school application. I know I won't know until September, but it's something I am anticpating on. Although, I don't think I will get in, I really, really want to. I know it's a very competitive program - only 16 students are accepted to the Fairbanks program each spring. Regardless of if I get in or not, I will continue my bachelors program in sociology and my minor in biology. I'll try again and again if I don't get in here.