Sunday, February 14, 2010

the semester thus far

Wow. School has already been in session for 3 weeks! Just 3 weeks til spring break.  
I’m loving Sociology as my major, even though I don’t think I will focus on it once I graduate.  I do believe nursing is a calling and I can’t wait to get accepted into a program.  
I have 5 classes this semester - 
  1. Rural sociology.  It’s amazing and has opened my eyes to so many rural situations.  Before entering this class, my definition of rural meant anything outside the major cities in Alaska.  I didn’t realize that rural areas existed outside of most major cities across the United States - and the world for that matter.  
    1. Communicating ethics.  This class is really intensive, but I’m staying on top of it and enjoying it so far.  It’s another one of those classes that has opened my eyes to understanding that many things are culturally based and there are many, many more cultures than I’ve been exposed to.  
    2. Lifespan development.  So far, a repeat of things I’ve learned in many of my other classes.  It’s a 200 level psych class, so hopefully something new will come of it.  So far, we’ve talked about different psychologists and their theories, genetics and we’re kinda just now getting into how people develop.  
    3. Statistics for Behavioral Sciences. I shoulda tested out of this one.  I don’t think I’ve really learned anything so far that I didn’t learn in 4th grade.  
    4. Social stratification and Inequality.  We’re already like 2 lectures behind in this class.  It’s interesting to learn about theories of how social class and socialization has come about, but some of the stories just need to stop.  I get distracted wayyyy too easily.  
    I'll post on extracurriculars later