Monday, February 7, 2011

School since 1/21

School is finally starting to show me how busy its going to be.  I already know about all of the projects in my two sociology classes, have a lab report assigned, a band concert scheduled, and a lot of busy work for Art 200x. APO wants to do tons of things and I say lets do it!
I think I mentioned it last time, but my two sociology classes that I was dreading are looking a lot more interesting than anticipated. Early sociological thought is going to kick my ass, because I have an extremely difficult time reading the old lit the first sociologist published in, but it's extremely helpful that she is leading that class in a seminar style instead of lecturing the whole time.  It makes me want to pay attention more.  We don't have class today because she's out of town I guess (or something).  Instead we have the opportunity to start on a project she is calling "Life after Death" which includes documenting how often a sociologist has been cited since 1980. Today's project part is on Mary Wollstonecraft.  I'll probably start while I'm at work :)
I still need to do the readings for seminar tomorrow night.  Dr. Titus missed the first day of class! haha :) it was crazy.  I think wrapping everything up that we've learned in our sociology career at uaf in this seminar class is really important.  Tomorrow's readings are about the sociology of liberation, which is kind of weird to me.  but I'm excited to go talk about it. 
Ecology lab last week was pretty fun.  We got to come up with our own experiment specifics instead of just having them given to us.  I have a great TA, which I'm totally thankful for.  Lecture isn't too bad, she definitely talks really fast, which doesn't leave a lot of time for notes. 
I'm still a week ahead in Art 200x, and hope to get a few more assignments done this week, to stay that way.  I don't like feeling rushed, but that's usually what happens.  The history in art is a lot more interesting than I had anticipated, so I don't mind doing the assignments so much. 
Playing bari sax in wind symphony is a lot harder than tenor sax.  I almost don't really like bari, but I enjoy playing a part that no one else is.  I most definitely need to talk to Linda about getting access to a practice room and to the locker room, because I need to practice!
We've started planning for the dance, spring youth service day and several other big projects we want to do this semester.  This week is RUSH week and I really hope we come up with a good batch of pledges! Quite a few brothers are graduating this semester or next and it scares me that the chapter might fade away.