Saturday, February 11, 2012

You had big shoes to fill...

But you failed to do it.

Every two years a new person comes in. And the last two times, it was fabulous.

The first guy was fabulous. He was funny and kind and took the suggestions of those who had been around much longer than him. He took the time to know the members and would talk to them and even reply to our emails.

The second person was even more awesome than the first. She was sweet and made us sweets. She invited us to her house for dinners. She knew the game of hockey and when/when not to play. She was always understanding and willing to help. She always knew when someone wasn't feeling so hot but she always knew what to stay.

You? You're a jerk. You don't communicate whatsoever. You don't listen to the advice of me. Which perhaps it's because I'm female? I see you'll listen to men. Perhaps it is because I'm a woodwind. I see you talking to the brass and rhythm section. I don't care the reason. I find you to be rude. You take songs waaaaaaayyyyyy too fast. You don't tell the woodwinds what song is up. You dont make copies of originals, which is a horrible director move. You haven't made a conscious effort to learn the rules of hockey. You're not very energetic and incredibly cocky. All around an ass.

Sincerely a senior who isn't coming back next year, not as long as you are in charge.