Friday, August 12, 2011


I am pro-choice.  It is the parents decision (although typically the mother's) to decide if they are ready to support a baby. 

My reasoning?  Did the prohibition make people stop drinking? Nope.  Will a law making abortions illegal make women stop having them? Nope. 

I'm not saying I promote unprotected sex, because that's just dumb (unless you are trying to have a baby).  Use protection, get on birth control (which is now included in health care plans as far as I know), don't be stupid about your decisions.

I can't support the no premarital sex rule because I broke it.  I do, however, support that abstinence is the only for sure way to not have a baby.  That being said, kids are like cats.  They're curious and they're likely to experiment.  We see it every day - even if parents make a conscious effort to hide their kids from it.  Movies, tv shows, magazines, books, billboards, people in the store, internet... it's impossible for people not to know.