Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Longtime, no blog.

So, since the last time I blogged, a million and one things have happened.
I graduated high school.
Quit the best job ever to...
Moved to Fairbanks.
Started college.
Broke up with Britton.
Shaved my head.
Got several different jobs.
-Library (both circulation assistant and interlibrary loan assistant)
- Conference services. one of the worst jobs. ever.
- Cold Stone in Fairbanks. next to the worst management ever. also a horrible job.
- El Dorado Gold Mine. some of the worst co-workers ever, but not a bad job.
Got back together with Britton.
Moved off campus.
With Britton.

Anyway, right now I have a pretty darn awesome life! The weather is amazing. My apartment is wonderful! I love being able to cook my own food, in my own kitchen, with my awesome boyfriend. I love the sun and my new bike. I love that my hair is finally growing out.

So short funny story: The day I shaved my head, I texted everyone in my phone at that time for their opinions. Most everyone said I shouldn't do it, but it was on my list of things to do before I die (not that I plan on dieing anytime soon, but still). So, it was about 20 minutes before my chemistry class and my roommate convinced me that if I didn't do it right now, I'd never do it. So, we did it. And it was weird. But I was bald, went to the last 20 minutes of chemistry class because Kim texted me and said that we were having a quiz. Then... at three, I had an interview! OMG, I forgot that I had that interview that day. Oh well. Kari, my boss, didn't care and a month later (thanks HR... slowest people ever.) I started my first job in Fairbanks. Mrs. Sounart said it was because I was deprived of band, which is probably true. That was the first semester that I didn't have a scheduled band period. Anyway, now my hair is almost shoulder length and even enough to put in a ponytail without any clips.

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