Sunday, October 11, 2009

UAF Athletics

While I don’t consider myself to be an avid sports fan, I do like to keep up with whether or not my school is winning.  This weekend, the Alaska Nanooks Hockey team played in the Kendall Classic down at the Sulliven Arena in Anchorage.  And while I wasn’t able to attend the games in person, I watched the spotty coverage of both games on TV.  We won both games! We beat the Michigan Wolverines and the Mercyhurst Lakers!!  And, WE WON THE TOURNAMENT!!! This is the 2nd consecutive year that we have done so, and hopefully we’ll continue to do so.  This coming weekend we have the Brice Alaska Goal Tournament in which UAA will come up here and we’ll have two other teams as well.  Last year, the first year of this tournament, UAA won it.  Hopefully, that’ll change this year and we’ll win it! With only 3 seniors on our team this year, hopefully we’ll only get better over the next few years!   If you’d like to read more about the hockey team about this game and all the others, check out The Alaska Nanooks Hockey Blog

I don’t know all the specifics of the volleyball team, but we lost to UAA last night.

Swimming lost to a Seattle team.

I don’t have any clue how the running team or rifle teams are doing right now. 

Now, at all the home games for basketball, volleyball and hockey, the Alaska Nanook Pep Band plays for you! This is probably the only reason to show up at basketball and volleyball games (sorry!!!! we really do love you)!  And I’ve got some pics of our AWESOME new shirts!!

pep band set up 002 pep band set up 003

pep band set up 004

Jeanie is a faux-tenor sax player!

pep band set up 005 

Hannah is our amazing grad student conductor!

pep band set up 006

Joy is being entertained by our mascot!

 pep band set up 008

The mascot is playing his imaginary trumpet.

pep band set up 009 

Game faces ladies! (aka face paint it up!)

pep band set up 010 

The Volleyball teams takes their bench

pep band set up 011

The painted spirit boys!

 pep band set up 001

Yea, we’re official Alaska Nanooks! 

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