Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've used shutterfly only once so far, but was most definitely amazed by their amazing service.  I've been a member with shutterfly for awhile now, so I get their emails ALL the time, but just recently took advantage of the amazing deals they have!

Things that I plan on ordering in the future include the photobooks. I have a feeling these will hold all of my memories for my upcoming trips.  I'm headed to Atlanta, then New Mexico, then Portland/Vancouver and then Seattle!  I think I'll probably get one photobook for each trip. 

I also want to order calendars at some point.  I think these would make great gifts to show off some of my photography.  I took a trip out to Chatinika Gold Dredge last summer, but I can't seem to want to turn my gold dredge pictures into something to frame.  I already know that shutterfly makes amazing products and trust they could make my photos look great in a calendar. 

Some day Britton and I will get married.  I'm pretty sure we'll look for the best quality and cheapest price to make our announcements.  Shutterfly makes wedding announcements for practically every style!! I like them all, but some of my favorites are 1. We Did Red 2. Big Cubes Black Wedding Announcements 3. Initial Love Brown .  I really like that the Initial Love Brown Wedding Announcements have a customizable layout for the inside!  Definitely a huge, huge plus!

Hooray and for posting my love of shutterfly, I can get free Christmas cards!!

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