Monday, December 6, 2010

so you know...

you know how I almost never blog, unless something that has me deep in though... well, it's that time again.
Saturday, November 27, Lilianna Jasmine was born!! She's A-dorrrrrrrrr-able.  Mom, my friend and faux twin, Jessi had a pretty much perfect pregnancy. But for some reason, baby Liliana isn't doing so well.  They brought her home on Monday, as planned, but went back to the hospital Monday night after Lilianna couldn't stop puking :(  They did a bunch of tests and concluded that her diaphragm had a hole in it, that her stomach was twisted and her appendix was in the wrong spot.  They sent her into surgery, where she did amazingly.  Then she was in PICU until yesterday.  Between Monday and yesterday, they worked on decreasing meds and increasing food/stomach contents.  But she isn't digesting anything :( and something is causing her pain again.  Please pray for baby Lilianna and first time parents, Mike and Jessi. 
I love you guys!!

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