Friday, January 21, 2011

School has begun

The rest of my trip went rather smoothly! I kept LiLi happy so Jessi could sleep; she definitely needed it.  I really did enjoy the warmth and comfort of a baby, but it was a reminder of, hey - you don't have time for a baby right now!  So, it was a nice kick in the butt that I should still wait.  Although, I'll keep hinting at Britton to get married :)  I want to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary in my 40's like my parents! I think that is pretty special and I can't wait to celebrate it with them.

I got back late Friday night.  Britton picked me up :)  The strangest thing happened, there were three flights landing at the Fairbanks airport.  That was most definitely the most people I have ever seen in there.  We got home to find 5 fire trucks in our parking lot.  Fortunately, it had nothing to do with our specific apartment.  While we were getting my luggage out of the trunk, we heard sirens of another fire truck.  And then we saw the fire truck... but they missed the turn into our parking lot! Haha.. then we heard the screech of breaks and they turned around and made it into where they needed to be.  There isn't anything in the Newsminer, so it must not be too important.

Over the weekend, I started this quilt project: Roll Roll Cotton Boll.  I'm not allowed to buy new fabric, but I don't have enough scraps, so I've requested some from friends.  If anyone has fabric they don't know that they'll ever use - the amount doesn't really matter - send it my way and I'll work it into my quilt :)

I started my tomato plant in my aerogarden.  I was a little disappointed to learn that I only get to grow one plant in my little garden, but I can't wait til it has fruit! I think we're on day 6.  I need to order a new bulb though because they need to be replaced every 6 months or so to keep the best quality light on the plants.  I kind of want to buy a new garden too - one of the bigger ones and do starter plants for the garden out at Kenny and Jamie's place.

Spring New Student Orientation was on Wednesday!  It was super laid back and really easy!  I met some cool people and there weren't really any freak accidents.

This semester is off to a pretty good start.
Ecology shouldn't be as bad as I was anticipating.  The teacher seems pretty neat and gave the first lecture in a way that I was actually interested in the subject.  I've read the first chapter for the book and the case studies they talk about are also really neat!
Art/Mus/Thr 200x also should be a lot better than I was anticipating.  It's gonna be a lot of work, but I'm looking forward to it.  I've already completed the first 3 lessons!  But I've only submitted two, because that's the limit.  My plan is to get another assignment done this weekend, and another next week.  Then I'll be very far ahead and if I can keep up with that pattern, I'll be done early!  But some of my assignments depend on my classmates submitting their work.  But I can do all of my assignments that don't depend on them.
Early Sociological Thought is going to be just as dry and boring as I could imagine.  It's my least favorite teacher on my least favorite subject.  She did make a good point though, this class will tie in the works of every other class and it would have been helpful to take at the beginning.
I have yet to go to Capstone Seminar, since classes started on a Thursday and that class is only on Tuesdays.
I was talking to some music majors yesterday and found out that there is a seating audition for Wind Symphony and we'll not be having class until next Friday!  I was kind of surprised by the audition.  I haven't played anything except pep band music since the last time I was in wind symphony in Fall 2007. I brought my sax home from the pep band game last night and plan to practice this weekend.

I didn't make it to the gym today because I left my clothes at home :(  but I am going swimming with my little tonight! So, I decided that should make up for it.  Hooray swimming! I might go skiing this week with one of my brothers who transferred here this semester.  We'll see how cold it is.

My car is broken at the moment.  I didn't have Britton start it over break and now she is angry.  Hopefully the weather does what it says it will and gets above zero this weekend.  Then I'll go get her jumped and drive her around a whole bunch.  And I'll drive her every other day at least!

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