Wednesday, July 20, 2011

School decisions are forever

I know I just wrote on this a few weeks ago, but it's still on my mind and I can't make a decision. 

I'm graduating in May with my BA in sociology and biological sciences!! I'm super excited and I don't even care that my family may not come up to see me.  They'll be up 6 weeks later for my wedding and that's just fine. 

I have a few more options for my education (all of which mean I should really be studying for the GRE soon). 

1. Apply to OHSU for the Accelerated Master's Nursing Program. It's a 3 year program that would get me a second bachelor degree and a master's degree. 

2.  Apply to UAF for grad school and postpone/forget about nursing school.  I think I would apply for the Northern Studies program.  I would want to do my thesis on a tourism related subject (I think). 

3.  Apply for the BSN program at UAA and then apply for the Master's program at UAA.  The biggest problem is that this is UAA.  The best part is that tuition would be free.  The second biggest problem is that it would take the longest. 

4.  Graduate in May and get a job. This would be nice, because I'm a little burnt out on school. 

Any advice?

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