Friday, November 11, 2011

New Future Plans?

Oh the joys of plans... I am slowly learning to learn that they are typically temporary and you should really just go with the flow!

I applied for a staff position at my university.  It doesn't close til Tuesday, and they'd really, really have to think I'm awesome enough in order to get it and still be able to finish my degree next spring.

With the wedding plans, and Britton applying for a new job, it looks like my Master's plans are really on hold for now.  It's fine. If I can't get a good employment spot when I graduate, my application for nursing school be going in.  It'll just be the associates program here in town, but it'll get my foot in the door.


Natalie Kurzendoerfer said...

So, did you get the job?

Mercedes said...

I don't think so :-/
they changed it from a review date to a closing date of Friday 11/18, but I haven't heard a darn thing :(