Saturday, January 21, 2012


Besides the fact that I'm set to graduate in May, my overwhelmed feelings are of the present.
I know I was somewhat cocky during winter break about my four science courses this semester.  Truth is, I'm completely freaking out.  Most specifically, O Chem is going to be incredibly challenging.  My posts might become a little less frequent, since I'll be focusing on getting through these courses.

We dived right back into material on Friday and I don't recognize all of the terms that Dr. Green was discussing.  I guess the nice thing is how all of the students in the course say how awesome Dr. Green is. So, I need to go chat with him, like every day.  I don't think just reading the book is going to catch me up on the game.

My evolution course is being taught by a woman from Prague.  Her accent is incredibly heavy, so I will have to pay 100% attention to try to learn everything.  I really would like to get an A this time around.  I also would love to get an A in my intro to bio course.  Both of these will help my GPA so much.

My intro to conservation biology course only has 10 students in it.  We have a 20 minute presentation later in the semester.  I think that sounds like fun because we get to research an organism that has a recovery plan in store.  I'm hoping to pick something that is related to the marine systems.

I think part of my other feelings come from that my wedding planning.  Since these four courses are going to be taking over my life, I have to put a lot of my planning on hold.

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