Saturday, March 6, 2010


As promised, here is my activity update.

First off, pep band this semester is now over.  Hooray and boo! I have my Thurs/Fri/Sat nights back! But I love playing my saxophone with a group at the same time.  Perhaps instead, now I will join the Fairbanks Community Band.  I would love to have a reason to practice.

Next, APO.  I'm so ready to be done... some people frustrate me beyond belief.  I will NOT run for president again because I'm sick and tired of having my leadership abilities scrutinized.  We are hosting the section 8 conference in 2 weeks and have about 28 people registered.  I'm not the only person that should be doing things.  and some people need to stop claiming that the chapter is theirs.  others need to step up and take some leadership action.

third, my new favorite, student ambassadors.  this group of people, while we don't know each other very well, is a group of fantastic people.  I love going to meetings because things get done.  we each know our responsibility and what has to get done in order to be successful.  it's amazing.

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