Tuesday, March 9, 2010

By A Friend's Nephew

Check out "Dream Another Day" by my friend Gwen's nephew.
the lyrics are as follows:

If she were here and the mood was right
I would blow it
With something silly I would say
Still she'll be in my arms tonight
Though she don't know it
Because she's miles and miles away

But a dream can sweep the facts aside
And keep her at my side
Where she can make a promise she'll always stay

Though all it takes is the morning light
To overthrow it
I can still dream another day



Elijah Cross said...
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Elijah Cross said...

Thanks for sharing this - I happened to find this post by seeing what appears when people search for my lyrics. I have an album coming out on June 7, and "Dream Another Day" is on it - check out http://elijahcross.bandcamp.com to hear a preview (that link will also lead to the full album on June 7). Thanks again!