Saturday, March 6, 2010

Governer's Cup 2010

As a part of the Nanook Traditions: Winter Carnival, the Governor's Cup was played.  The Governor's Cup is a hockey tournament between the Alaska Nanooks and University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves.  I can't remember how many years its been played, but I do know that the Nanooks won the cup this year after losing for the past three years. 

Here are two of my brothers from Alpha Phi Omega with the Governor's cup.

This year, Alpha Phi Omega teamed up with the Student Activities Office (SAO) and ASUAF (The Associated Students at the University of Alaska Fairbanks) to fund a motor coach to Anchorage to watch the first game played at the Sullivan Arena.  For $30, students got a ride to Anchorage and back, a t-shirt, a ticket to the game and noisemakers.  A pretty sweet deal to cheer on our team on away ice.

 Final score UAF 7-UAA 4. By the way, our student section over there was almost louder than the 4,000 UAA fans.  
After our first two goals, we sang our school's fight song, here are the lyrics:

A photo from the Anchorage Daily News sports front page of our student section at the Sullivan Arena.  


Some more Nanook pride:

Chancellor Rogers made an appearance at the Sullivan Arena with his wife, Sherrie.  

The second game packed the Carlson Center as the Nanooks played on home ice! Only 82 seats were available at the start of that game.  So, pretty much packed!  It was amazing! More of the t-shirts that the SAO ordered and passed out to almost the entire student section. 

And the pep band: 

The place was roaring, I can't even begin to describe it.  Check out the highlight video at the Alaska Nanook Hockey Blog.  If you're interested in any more info from a fans' perspective, you can find that too in the Nanook Hockey Blog.  

  During the intermission between 2nd and 3rd periods, the Tradition Stone made an appearence.  After one of their players was ejected (for punching one of our players in the head), their coach was ejected (for throwing a water bottle at the ref) and one of our players was ejected (for something that was "A stupid decision, I should have backed off" [from the player at the post conference]) we won 3-2!   

As for the other Winter Carnival Activites, I was too tired to attend, but I head that the showing of the unreleased to the public: Boondock Saints 2 was a success, as well as the kareokee night!

Right now, I'm looking forward to a week off of classes (though I'll be working on papers and the like) for spring break.

ps: all photos were taken from a friend's facebook because my camera was broken that weekend. :( 

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