Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun times at the library...

When all the students go home for the holidays, the university library is quizzically quite quiet. 
Since classes aren't in session, there are frequently WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE WORKING! Ha! I think our employee to patron ration is 2:1... Okay, maybe 1:2.  or 1:4, based on the employees at the circulation counter and the number of patrons recorded at noon for the entire library.  But, if you were to tally up ALL the employees currently here, I'd say there is a 3:1 ratio!
This leaves the really, really boring tasks, like measuring how much empty space on the shelves there is on a floor, and shelf reading (making sure all of the books are in order.) Oh joy! I'd rather watch ice form or water boil.  That's how boring those tasks are. 
The beginning of the week was not so bad, because there were all of the books that were returned at the end of the semester to take care of, but now, since there have been 4 students on times 8 hours a day, all of those books have been shelved. 
Supposedly there is a new shifting project that the director wants done.  Rumor has it that a new office is going to move into the back area of the 2nd floor.  Or as we call it, Alaska.  Funny tangent: Sometimes when a coworker is down on second floor, or in Alaska, and a friend of their's comes looking for them they ask "Hey do you know where _____ is?" And without thinking about who we are talking to, we'll just say "In Alaska" expecting them to comprehend our thought process.  Most of the time they think we're being sarcastic, and like, "Yea, I know that, but where?!" and then we realize they aren't familiar with the lingo of the library and send them on their merry way to the second floor.  
In other awesomeness of the library, one time the power went out.  The electronic lock system on the doors doesn't work when the power is out, so we have the glorious job of sitting in front of the doors making sure no one comes in.  Apparently, there is a safety issue when there isn't any power in the library.  

I have no other stories off the top of my head.  Perhaps I'll update again later. 

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