Sunday, December 18, 2011

I miss living on campus...

I miss staying up late hanging with the people in my dorm. But then, that would specifically be Skarland Hall, since I almost never left my room in Stevens Hall.

I miss buying the vending machine out of energy drinks and stacking our cans into pyramids in the lounge.

I miss removing all of the cushions from all of the furniture and piling it into the elevator and then riding for hours, playing cards and listening to someone play guitar.

I miss someone doing my daily dishes for me and not having to prepare every meal if I didn't want to.

I miss free laundry.

I miss the convenience of being able to just walk to classes, instead of having to wake up and start the car every day.

I miss feeling like I could go to the comedy shows without wasting too much time.

I miss RLC and RHA meetings.

I miss my first year RA's.

I miss free laundry.

I miss the programs the RA's would put on.

I miss knowing all of my neighbors.

I miss working evenings instead of during the day - which allowed me to sleep in a little later.

I miss being so close to the swimming pool.

I miss free laundry.

I miss being able to go back to my room between classes to change out what I need for each class.

I miss having a bed to nap in during the day. 

I miss having somewhere to store my skis and the convenience of being to go skiing during the day without the hassle of bringing everything to campus.

I miss not having to worry about maintaining the structural components of my place.

I miss free laundry.

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