Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Does your jealousy ever get in the way?  I know mine does, and sometimes I fear later that it might hurt my relationships.  I really, really try to avoid getting frustrated over my jealousy, especially when the situation really is better in the long run. 

Here's the most recent situation.  Britton is going to Kenai this weekend to perform with Sonic Karma at a benefit concert.  The original plan was for him to come back on Monday, work the entire week here and then fly back next week to stay for the holidays. However, somehow, he talked his boss into allowing him to work from Kenai for the week!  Which means he'll be in Kenai from 12/16-1/3!  That's an entire week longer than I get to go for, which means that I'm jealous.  I really wish I could go down earlier and spend the entire time with family and friends and doing nothing but relaxing, but alas, the library isn't exactly work I can do "from home." 

It's saving us money though. It's one a whole round-trip ticket that he is saving (whether it's miles or money, it doesn't matter).  Which is a good thing.  More money to put towards the wedding that we are both stressing over.  And maybe a week away will be good for us.  I can finally deep clean my apartment.  I can work on craft projects without interruption. I can work on my year-long distance course that I need to finish up by March-ish (I'm 1/3 done. Totally not worried).  I can study for the two classes I'm retaking next semester to brush up on the material. 

One of the only things I can't do is hang out with my friends, and that's because they're leaving too! Ugh.  Who the heck am I supposed to bake for if everyone is leaving me? I still plan on bringing cookies up to his coworkers, because I'm just that awesome.  And I'll bring cookies to my work. 

Life goes on.

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