Thursday, December 15, 2011

New favorite neighbor

Last night, as Britton and I were scrambling to figure out which extension cords to use to plug in my truck across the parking lot, a gentleman came walking through.  He asked, "Which rig are you trying to plug in?" and I pointed to my truck.  He then says, "If you'd like, you can park in spot 66 until the first of the year."  And at this point, I'm squealing, "Are you sure?!?!"  He replies, "Yep, not a problem, I'm headed out of town in the morning and I have a garage space here."

Oh my gosh, he made my night SO MUCH BETTER! It really isn't even that big of a deal since we really only need the extra space when we have three cars at the apartment, but it makes life so much more convenient when you don't have to wind up 50-100 feet of extension cables.  Though, I might use it next week, since Morgan will be here and Britton's car will be on campus.  Our second spot is a few parking spots away from our plug in, and the one that our neighbor is letting us park in is super duper close!

Thank you neighbor of spot 66!  You will have fresh cookies or bread when we return from our respective vacations.  I have no idea where you're going, but you were even kind enough to let us use it while you are back and we are gone for a few days.  That, my friends, is true holiday spirit.

I know I haven't ranted about it on here before, but parking at Jillian Square is rough.  There is only one parking spot, since the complex was built in the 80's, which seem to be a one-car-per-family decade.  The front of the building is technically guest parking, so cars are supposed to be moved every 24-hours, though they don't check it as often as they should, and sometimes if you park in the same spot every time, they'll flag your car :-/ And the "overflow" lot is WAY TOO FAR AWAY to string extension cords to from our parking spot.

So again, neighbor residing in apartment 66, THANK YOU!

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